Founder and director of Streetenvy Dance & Fitness Academy. Witness self-taught passion for all dance styles is his influence creating choreography and the  satisfaction of both teacher and students alike. As a professional who dedicates countless time towards his classes he admires interaction and  equally, independence of the group members.   Many Street Dance Championship wins, dancing with Flo-Rida on tour 2009 and performing on Sky One's Got To Dance 2013 are a glimpse of Simon's rewarding experience.

Strengths include street dance styles (hip hop, whacking, house, locking, popping and elements of break), reggaeton, commercial and fitness. Founder of GloEnvy Fitness and GloFit - such a pleasure to be able to teach those who are less confident in dance or with little experience, then to see the progress... I love to inspire others with my passion in life and to see plenty of smiles along the way too!


From a young age, I performed in many local musical and dance productions. I really enjoyed dance as a hobby and wanted to expand my range of styles therefore furthering my experience by completing a BA degree in Contemporary Dance and Popular Music at Manchester Metropolitan University. While I was there, I was part of a street dance crew called ‘All Urban’ were we would perform our routines locally around the Manchester area.

Since moving to Bristol, I have worked at many primary schools running street and hip hop dance workshops and classes. My most rewarding experience was when I worked as a dance director at a summer camp in America throughout the summer of 2009, here I choreographed dance routines with the children, which would be performed on a weekly basis.



My dance passion started from an early age when I first tried my hand at urban dance and hip hop culture, falling in love with a passion for dance in my home country of Czech Republic. I found encouragement to start up my own dance crew, Street Flava which grew to be a big dance school with emphasis on street dance and mostly dancehall, house dance and hip hop.

I am happy to be able to share my experience with you at Streetenvy in Dancehall and House dance classes whereby I am able to emphasise the origin, authenticity of steps and to create effective routines to demonstrate such cultural dance techniques.



Breaker, semi-professional American Footballer and street dancer, I have a variety of experience ranging from across the globe including years worth of training my crews to win at many dance comps across the country.

Passion and hunger for knowledge took over and spent many an evening studying the foundations of Street Dance and attending multiple classes. I've now taught people from all ages and skill. From the age of three to sixty! I feel very blessed to be in such an amazing job and work environment where I can spread my passion for dance.


Ever since I can remember I have loved to perform on stage and to entertain vast audiences... besides, it makes sense since you cannot miss me with my bright red hair! It is such a pleasure to be able to pass on these skills to encourage others to also enjoy my own passion too.

I have trained in a range of dance styles including street dance, cheerleading, commercial, reggaeton and cabaret (I am also proud to be a member of Streetenvy's prestigious dance troupe, the 'Cabaret Queens' and street dance competition crew, 'enVus'). I am so happy to be working alongside like minded people to be creative and work in the industry I love the most