2019 Events:

Saturday 26th Jan, 1-3 pm - Fortnite Dance Workshop Bristol - SOLD OUT

Sunday 27th Jan, 10.30 am - 12.30 pm - Fortnite Dance Workshop Oxford for children (all levels welcome)

Saturday 9th February - (11 am) Streetenvy performances at Chinese New Year, outside our studios, BS56XX

Sunday 12th May - Streetenvy Spring Showcases at SGS Filton WISE Campus Main theatre

Saturday 13th July - hosting and performing at Bristol Pride Performance Stage (location tbc). Parade and evening performances

Sunday 6th October - Streetenvy Autumn Showcases at SGS Filton WISE Campus Main theatre

Saturday 9th November - (7 pm) Streetenvy performs at Bristol Dance Show, Bristol Grammar School Main theatre

Kid's Fortnite Workshop Oxford

February Holiday Clubs

Kid's Fortnite Workshop Bristol

Autumn Shows

Spring Shows 2019

Over 100 dancers, more than 50 routines, 2 amazing shows and all in 1 day! To book tickets to watch our show please select from these options:

Performers info:

  • Please purchase your rehearsal pass via your class instructor.
  • For show information please download one of the following: