COVID-19 Updates and New Class Practice

We have reopened since 23rd July following government guidelines.

Since the end of March we have held online sessions via ZOOM and whle we have returned to physical classes, we continnue to do everything that we can to avoid the spread of Covid-19. This includes sanitising all surfaces within our studios, marking out spacing for maximum numbers per studio and a one-way system in and out.

"Keep dancing - best thing for the body and soul, to remain happy and active."

What we have put in place and will continue to maintain consistently for the safety of our instructors and class participants:

  • Limited capacity per class - we have marked out 'spaces' on our studio floors/ceiling and have a floor plan per class for the same student to use the same spot each week. Participants will be reminded not to enter other participants' 'space' throughout the class. Dance positions for performances will not be rehearsed until we have guidance it is safe to do so;

  • One-way system in and out - students will not be allowed to exit and enter at the same time. Where classes are back to back (finishing at the same time as the next begins) a five minute break will occur to allow students to safely exit corridors and doorways before the next group enters.

  • Sanitisation - We encourage you to bring your own hand gel with you and we also have automatic dispensers at our venue for you to use. Participants will need to clean hands with antivirus hand gel upon entry and exit to the studios. Signs on handrails will also inform not to touch where possible. Where possible, please bring a pair of shoes solely to wear for dance.

  • Doors will remain open so that students do not need to touch handles. Music will therefore be slightly quieter than usual in studio 2 as to not disturb the surrounding offices. Pubs have been informed to keep music levels down as people may 'spit' when shouting over it but dancers do not tend to speak while the music is on ... instructors will have a safe distance and be asked to wear a mask if facing the participants while shouting over the music.

  • We ask that any outer wear or bags are left in the car where possible and parents/siblings/carers/friends are not to enter the building unless a young age or are attending for the first time (we ask that only one parent enters to escort. Disclaimer forms can also be completed via this website to limit contact).

  • Any assisting instructors (toilet breaks for our younger participants) will need to wear masks if at a distance of less than 2 m;

  • While the bathrooms will be available to use by our class participants only, one at a time, we will ensure the door and tap handles, plus key to open the bathroom is disinfected rapidly after use prior to the next person using them;

  • If participants and instructors can wear masks upon entry and exit of the building we advise them to do so. Everybody is welcome to wear PPE throughout;

In conclusion, we ask for everyone to support one another in this fight against COVID-19.

Future 2020 Events:

Cabaret Courses

Spring Show 2020

26th April - date postponed. More info to follow...


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