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7-8 pm Commercial for absolute beginners

8-8.45 pm GloEnvy Fitness (all abilities welcome) £7 to try/£35 per 6 consecutive weeks*

8-9 pm Street Dance for absolute beginners


7-8 pm Commercial & Reggaeton for absolute beginners (starts 5th March 2024 - FREE TRIAL THIS DATE)

8-9 pm Street Dance for absolute beginners (starts 5th March 2024 - FREE TRIAL THIS DATE)


7-8 pm Cabaret Courses - more info below our timetable on upcoming courses

8-9 pm Street Dance (Beginners+ -  Intermediates)


7-8 pm Commercial Dance (Beginners+ - Intermediates)

8-9 pm Street Dance (Intermediate+ level)

Monday and Tuesday dance classes cost £9 to try. then £40 per 5 week block or £60 per two classes across a 4 week block. GloEnvy fitness is £7 then £35 per a 6 week block. All other adult classes cost £10 to try then £42.50 per 5 week block and £65 per 4 week block of any 2 sessions. Blocks are consecutive weeks only. Mixing a Monday or Tuesday absolute beginner class with any other session will be £65 per 4 weeks of both sessions.

If you would like to request a class or style of dance we teach at Streetenvy on a different evening please send us a quick message with your preference.


Beyonce Workshop (coming soon)

Join us for a one-off dance workshop (no previous experience is required to participate).

"All the single ladies, (and not so single...) put your hands up!"

Make a song request with us and we may just do your fave!

age 18+ only

Spaces are limited so grab yours asap

No judgement

No pressure

Lots of fun

Our workshop is designed to encourage dancers of all levels.

A welcome drink may help to boost confidence too!

If this is your first time dancing with us, or dancing at all, please do not worry. We are super friendly, welcoming, professional and enjoy a fun and social learning environment. If you are nervous and would rather we sent a current dancer or instructor down to meet you on the first go we can meet you in the car park or you may enter earlier than everyone else.

After your first time it is pay per block and we will aim to give you more info about this on the day.

Most of our classes work towards shows, adding to routines weekly with the help of rehearsal videos via private WhatsApp groups however if you do not wish to perform then there is no pressure to be involved - you could always come and spectate to support us instead if you would prefer.

Did you know we are also on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok and YouTube?

Our adult classes run through school holidays with a break at Christmas.

Streetenvy hosts brand new Cabaret courses as part of the Cabaret Academy based in Bristol and the South West.

Please see our Facebook page @ The Cabaret Academy for further information.

All courses must meet a minimum number of confirmed bookings before we can guarantee they will go ahead. Should we need to rearrange the dates to give you the best experience we will be in contact. Once booked our courses are non-refundable unless cancelled at the discretion of Streetenvy. You may book onto courses via our website or in person.

Optional professional performance opportunities at the end of each course.

Street Dance

Street aka “vernacular dance” incorporates styles that evolved outside of dance studios in any available open space such as streets, parks, school yards, raves and nightclubs. Choreography is improvisational and social in nature . Styles include house, vogue, waacking, dancehall, hip hop. breakdancing, Locking, Popping, Melbourne Shuffle, Tecktonik plus many more.


Commercial aka “new style” aka 'feel-good-dance' is a popular response by the dance industry to modernise hip hop with elements of jazz and funk. Commonly seen in music videos and concerts, you can liken this entertaining and diverse form of dance to that of Lady Gaga, Ne-Yo, Beyonce, Chris Brown & Jason Derulo.


A blend in Jamaican influence of dancehall with a splash of Latin American salsa, a touch of electronica and the result is the combination of Spanish rap with Puerto Rican routes.

Let those hips swing. booty shake and body flow freely in our highly addictive classes.

GloEnvy Dance Fitness


Such a great work out for those of you who are keen to club without the effort of having to dress up and spend on drinks! In low-level lighting we dance with disco lights and glow sticks to have fun and get fit - something for those of you with little confidence since no dance experience is required.. Please advise if you are epileptic.


Elegant, showgirl and showman, vintage - dynamic!

From Charleston to Can Can, Feathers to fans, boas to blowing kisses this is a little bit of everything and a whole lot of fun!

Cabaret courses available to book via the links above.


No refular classes are currently on our timetable but we may hold irregular workshops soon. A street dance style: This style is danced to a genre of Jamaican popular music which originated in the late 1970s from reggae music. Be prepared to learn how to twerk, dutty whine and 'pop di collar' plus many more authentic moves and techniques!

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Refund Policy. We have a no refund policy on all purchases - by making a purchase you are agreeing to this policy.

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