Q: Do I need to pay in advance?

A: Due to limited spacing and to encourage commitment we allow for one trial class before committing to a term (children)/block payment (adults)! It is a good idea to contact us first to check when a good time to begin may be.

Q: What should I bring to class?

A: Wear loose & comfortable sports clothing that will not restrict movement; trainers are recommended; a drink of water/tuck shop money; you may also wish to bring a towel if you sweat a lot.

Q: What age groups attend the adult classes?

A: A diverse age group in all adult classes allows for a friendlier environment to enhance social skills and confidence. A question we regularly get asked is, "Am I too old?" or "Will I fit in with the age range?". You are never too 'old' to start learning with us and everyone is friendly regardless of age, you'll have a fab time with us.

Q: Are performing and socials compulsory?

A: No. It is entirely up to you if you wish to attend socials and performances. This is not to say that you will not be offered performance opportunities.

Q: Are the classes for both males and females?

A: Yes. Everyone is very welcome and friendly participants already attending will ensure your first session is a welcoming one too.

Q: When do I need to get the Streetenvy kit?

A: Adults - you'll need the SE kit to do any performance so it is idea to purchase it asap to avoid panic prior to a show. Children - within 4 weeks of starting Streetenvy or by the second term you sign up to. Children need to wear this to every class and performance; our Streetenvy t-shirt, SE leggings or SE joggers. Performers require plain black shoes including trainers or daps. This encourages a sense of feeling part of the team, professionalism and commitment in videos and images we take to advertise and help you with rehearsal videos. It also aids instructors to see movements easier in classes. Older children can also set a good example to the younger dancers.

Q: Can I bring my friend along?

A: You are very welcome to do so but please check in with us to see if it is a good time. If we are working towards a performance opportunity then your friend may still be able to join the performance from the part of the routine that they have learnt.

Q: Can I take photos or videos in the class?

A: This is at the discretion of the teacher but if the class involves anybody under the age of 18, no, unless this is pre-agreed by us. Class participants will sign a photo and video waiver on their first day with us.

Q: If I haven’t danced before can I still join the


A: All beginner level classes are designed for people who, like yourself, have not danced a style before. You will find the atmosphere welcoming and there is no pressure or intimidation in any of Streetenvy classes.

Q: Can parents stay and watch the class?

A: We do not allow parents or anybody who isn't participating in the class inside the studios while a class is on. This is for the benefit of everyone in the class and to aid with health and safety. We encourage confidence and independence from an early age but if you're bringing a very young participant along (at the discretion of the teacher) you may wait outside the door if any concerns. All of our instructors are experienced and have relevant & up to date DBS and insurance certificates.