Adult and advanced kid's classes run through school holidays. Many children's classes are term-time only. Males and females are welcome to attend each class. Classes held at our studio in Bristol are labelled 'Studio 1 or Studio 2' below. Please enquire for further information. We recommended you book in advance. 
*Beginner (B), Intermediate (I), Advanced (A) levels. (All welcome = no previous experience is required).
(pp)  per person.

Christmas Holidays will include Sunday 23rd - Tues 1st Jan, with adult classes recommencing from Weds 2nd Jan 2019. Kid's classes return from Sat 5th Jan (Fri 4th for advanced teams).

Classes labeled 'NEW' require pre-payment to save your space. Please act fast to avoid disappointment due to limited availability per class. To view the below timetable in full you may prefer to use a pc/laptop instead of  your phone or ask us to email this across to you as an attachment.

YOUR FIRST EVER TRIAL CLASS WITH US IS ONLY £1 (classes need to be booked in advance to gain this offer via email).

Crossways Primary School - students from other schools are very welcome too.
(Infant School Hall to the right hand side of the drive way)
Knapp Road
BS35 2HQ

We also teach classes at various schools across the Bristol and South Glos counties and would be keen to teach at your venue too. Please get in touch with us fr more info.

Streetenvy began in Oxford in 2011 and we continue to get many enquiries. We do not hold classes in the Oxford area any more.
For dance classes in Oxfordshire, please click here for our class recommendations.

Classes cost from £5 per class*
Children's classes are charged termly after your first class and payments are collected in advance of the school holidays.
Fees for late payments apply. No refunds. We do not offer free taster sessions anymore.
All children's classes will require participants to purchase and wear the Streetenvy kit (joggers and t-shirt) within 4-6 weeks of joining.
Prices and sizes available are also on our studio notice boards and with instructors.
Please contact us to sign up for our monthly e-newsletter for more information, monthly discounts and upcoming events.

*adult classes may vary in cost depending on the level. Children's classes are pay-per-school-term and only run during term times, with the exception of KruEnvy. Please enquire for more information. Please arrive earlier than the start time on your first visit to complete a health questionnaire and to promptly make payment in cash only to avoid any delays. Each adult class is due to end a couple of minutes before the end of the time above to allow space for dancers to leave the studio in time for the next class. All payments are non-refundable. All prices above are based on cash payments.

Reggaeton Dance
A blend in Jamaican influence of dancehall with a splash of Latin American salsa, a touch of electronica and the result is the combination of Spanish rap with Puerto Rican routes. Reggaeton is characterised by a specific beat and ‘riddim’ that will require your hips to be held down to avoid them swaying to the music! Warning: highly addictive.

Street Dance
Street aka “vernacular dance” incorporates styles that evolved outside of dance studios in any a...vailable open space such as streets, parks, school yards, raves and nightclubs. Choreography is improvisational and social in nature which encourages interaction with spectators and fellow dancers. Evolving from urban underground culture, street dance refers to modern folk dance. Styles include house, vogue, waacking, dancehall, hip hop. breakdancing, Locking, Popping, Melbourne Shuffle, Tecktonik plus many more.

Commercial Dance
Commercial aka “new style” aka 'feel-good-dance' is a popular response by the dance industry to modernise hip hop with elements of jazz and funk. Commonly seen in music videos and concerts, you can liken this entertaining and diverse form of dance to that of Lady Gaga, Ne-Yo, Beyonce & Jason Derulo.

Click here for an example of a commercial adult beginners session.

GloEnvy Fitness
Such a great work out for those of you who are keen to club without the effort of having to dress up and spend on drinks! In low-level lighting we dance with disco lights and glow sticks to have fun and get fit - something for those of you with little confidence since no dance experience is required and you can hide away from the everyday fitness class in a lit up studio. Please advise if you are epileptic. Glow sticks are available to purchase from us at £5 per pair on the day (reusable, battery operated and a good strength glow for best use) or feel free to bring your own along.

A little insight:

GloEnvy Fitness Sessions

A street dance style: This style is danced to a genre of Jamaican popular music which originated in the late 1970s from reggae music. Be prepared to learn how to twerk, dutty whine and 'pop di collar' plus many more authentic moves and techniques!

Contemporary dance is a dance style in which a story or theme is explored and portrayed with the body. It involves contact work, improvisation, floor work, balance, travelling sequences and leaps. Contemporary dance also uses techniques from ballet, modern and jazz, as well as embracing dance and movement styles from other cultures.

Musical Theatre
Musical theatre is is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken word, acting and dance. There is a strong emphasis on characterisation and stage presence. Students will delve into the glitzy world of musicals whilst becoming well rounded performers. A great way to build confidence! At Streetenvy we concentrate on the dance with some acting during the performance.

Click here for a previous adult workshop in musical theatre dance; HAIRSPRAY!

An artistic dance form performed to music, using precise and highly formalized set steps and gestures. Classical ballet, which originated in Renaissance Italy and established its present form during the 19th century, is characterized by light, graceful movements and the use of pointe shoes with reinforced toes.

Child Protection

We take child well being and safety very seriously at Streetenvy. Our instructors who visit schools have regular child protection training in line with the school policies and all instructors act with professionalism, enthusiasm and instruct in an inclusive to all learning environment. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to email us or speak to an instructor at the first instance.

If your child requires a toilet break during the class we will seek you out if in the nearby vicinity first however please note that by participating in Streetenvy classes you hereby consent to one of our instructors or volunteer class assistants showing your child/ren where the bathroom is without assistant. Please note that the CCTV in the building is for the safety of everyone. Please be present outside the studio throughout the class if you wish to take your child to the bathroom.

Data Protection

We do not share data that you provide to us to with any third parties. We only use this data for emergency and advertising purposes relevant only to Streetenvy. Your emergency contact numbers are made only visible to the instructor leading your class and Streetenvy Dance Academy director, Simon. This information is locked away over night and while the class is not occurring.

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