Q Do I need to pay in advance to attend a class?

A Most adult classes work on a pay as you go basis so
you are welcome to just come along on the day! It is a good
idea to contact us first to avoid disappointment with
limited spaces and possible upcoming performance

Q What should I bring to class?

A Loose & comfortable sports clothing that will not
restrict movement; trainers; a drink of water; you may
 also wish to bring a towel.

Q What age groups attend the adult classes?

A A diverse age group in all adult classes allows for a
friendlier environment to enhance social skills and


Q Is performing and attending socials outside of class compulsory?

A No. It is entirely up to you if you wish to attend
socials and performances. This is not to say that you
will not be offered performance opportunities.

Q Are the classes for both males and females?

A Yes.


Q Can I bring my friend along to a class even if the
current routine is coming to an end?

A You are very welcome to do so but it is unlikely that
there will be time for them to catch up with previous
classes. If we are working towards a performance
opportunity then your friend may still be able to join the performance from the part of the routine that they have

Q Can I take photos or videos in the class?

A This is at the discretion of the teacher and if the
class involves anybody under the age of 18, a permission
letter will be needed from the parent

Q If I haven’t danced a style before can I still join the

A All beginner level classes are designed for people who,
like yourself have not danced a style before. You will find
the atmosphere welcoming and there is no pressure or intimidation in any of Streetenvy classes.

Q If I have any issues regarding the classes, who do I
contact and how will this affect my customer guarantee?

A All methods of contact will remain professional,
confidential and we will do our upmost to solve any
related issues. Your customer guarantee will remain
unchanged. Please Contact any of the Streetenvy